Code for BSc (Hons) Computer Science, University of Delhi
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CS Hons

This repository contains the code for various projects, practical classes and a bit of implementation of theoretical lectures taken under the BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree programme of the University of Delhi.

Notes are updated daily and are available at

Textbooks are available at

The code is organized mainly under the following heads:

  • Year I
    • Subject
      • Semester I
        • Tutorials
        • Practicals
        • Projects
        • Others
      • Semester II
  • Year II
    • Subject
      • Semester I
      • Semester II
  • Year III
    • Subject
      • Semester I
      • Semester II

NOTE: The code written in most of the files was compiled on the compiler available on the latest release of the GNU Compiler Collection to Linux or Windows executable binaries. The code has to be adapted for Borland/Turbo C++ compilers by the user of the code in case they use the aforementioned compilers.


All books are the intellectual property of the respective publishers and authors. They are being made available for academic and personal use.

Source code and notes are available under the open-source MIT license.


Sudipto Ghosh